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Rickie Gole

Rickie’s philosophy of vocal study is a path of discovery to find your “authentic” voice based on how it “feels” rather than on how it “sounds”. Her goal for every student is the freedom to sing whatever, whenever and to get those call backs at auditions and ultimately professional contracts. She teaches singing in a way that allows for your voice to sing freely and clearly anywhere in your vocal range, with all words understood. Since you are not learning what to sing but rather how to sing, you can apply this technique to any type of vocal music.

With a positive and direct approach, she fine tunes and molds voices to sing effortlessly with natural release. She believes in the work of the body fueling energy, so the voice finds ease that is reliable. Once the technique is mechanical, the singer can now be the best performer possible, with the ability to pay attention to character and word. This also gives singers the ability to build the “branches” of their “trees” singing in any genre.

You will not be disappointed at this studio. Clients constantly express their happiness with the simplicity and clarity of Rickie’s teaching. It is time well spent and the rewards outweigh the investment of time and money. Join those who have found their true voice.

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