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Rickie Gole

Rickie Gole is a remarkable talent and resource. From my “Beaches” days through my adolescence and into adulthood, Rickie has been a constant source of inspiration and guidance. She is incredibly relevant as an instructor at every stage of life, inspiring young voices and honing more mature ones. Rickie’s wisdom goes far beyond her knowledge of voice and singing. She turns voice coaching into a science and an art, providing imagery and practical tips that stay with you long after you leave a session with her. I have been blessed to have Rickie in my life through countless auditions and “maintenance” of my voice, and I find myself returning to her and her lessons time and again for support and reassurance that I CAN sing! In a city full of impostors, Rickie is the real thing. A wondrous talent and a gifted instructor for all ages and styles of voice.

Mayim Bialik,

Rickie Gole took my voice from “timid girl” to “brave woman.” She prepared me for auditions and performances alike, and always gave me the confidence and strength I needed to succeed. Thanks, Rickie!!

Danica McKellar,

Rickie Gole is an EXCEPTIONAL voice teacher. She has given me a solid technique I can depend on at auditions, and I have gone from singing tentatively to singing more freely and confidently than ever before. She has helped transform my singing and my career. I highly recommend Rickie as a voice teacher.

Suzanne Carlton,

With extensive classical training herself, and years of experience teaching voice, Rickie offers expertise, know-how, and strong technique to the singing student. Not to mention a patient and supportive learning environment. Rickie has sent me on my way to singing roles….on Broadway! She is the real deal! Everyone seeking a voice teacher in LA should be studying with Rickie!

Julie Connors, Singer/Actor/Dancer

My daughters so enjoy your lessons and anticipate each session eagerly. Their improvement is remarkable which is in large part due to your being such a great voice teacher. We thank you very, very much!!! My sincerest appreciation,

Bill Handel, KFI Radio

Rickie has helped change my voice completely. My voice no longer sits back in the back of my throat, but charges forward with better tonality and stronger power. And most of all, my throat does not get tired as easily as it used to. She’s amazing for she has helped me start realizing my true potential as a singer.

German Santiago, Singer/Actor/Dancer
TV: DANTE’S COVE, Sacramento Music Circus, national commercials and print work

When I first started working with Rickie, it had been a few years since I had studied. I thought I already knew quite a bit about singing and how my voice worked. I never expected to learn so much. Not only has Rickie changed the way I sing by working my technique, she has given me confidence as an auditioner and performer. I don’t get vocally fatigued like I used to, and my range (both my legit soprano and belt) has grown in leaps and bounds. I have never had so many people compliment my technique like I have since working with Rickie. And, on top of everything, I consider her a friend. I recommend her to EVERYONE who asks.

Shannon Warne, Singer/Actress
National Tour: CAMELOT, Leading Roles at all the major Equity houses in Los Angeles

Rickie’s got that rare ability to zero in on a student’s vocal shortcomings and instantly put forward the perfect solution. Her attention to detail and scrupulous refusal to compromise make every lesson a powerful step forward. My technique improved dramatically in one session, and it continues to advance every time I see her. To say I get my money’s worth is an understatement. She’s also just about the most pleasant and inspiring teacher I’ve ever had. I value her as an indispensable coach and a true friend.

Steve Marvel, Singer/Actor
World premiere Musical: GREAT EXPECTATIONS
Voice: of bestselling author John Mauldin’s weekly “Frontline Thoughts” newsletter

Rickie Gole is amazing! She helped me to find my voice and has developed it beyond what I ever thought possible. From singing legitimate opera to belting high Gs, she can help you do anything. Even though I have a voice teacher at Northwestern, I still call Rickie before every audition to warm up and prepare.

Taube Brahms,
senior musical theater major,

Rickie Gole gave me the confidence to sing again after many years of inactivity. She is encouraging, nurturing and always takes you further than you think possible. Her innate musicality and understanding of performance art makes her the consummate professional. She is quite simply the best!

Susan Weisbarth, Singer/Actress

Unlike other students, my goal, when I began taking lessons from Rickie, was simply to be able to sing “Happy Birthday” in a group without having to move my lips. Not only did I achieve my goal, but I gained so much more from the time we spent together. Rickie exudes enthusiasm; knows exactly what you need, and gently stretches not only your vocal cords but your confidence as well. She is a consummate teacher, cheerleader, counselor and friend all rolled into one. With Rickie’s talent and encouragement, I not only found my voice, but also found my way. I will always be grateful.

Susan Harris, Happily Retired

Rickie brings out the best in me. She frees up my voice and challenges me to sing my very best. Her voice exercises have improved my range at both ends of the scale. Clarity and good sound quality are the results at the end of a lesson. Rickie makes music fun and leads with her own vocal repertoire to illustrate a point with wit and humor.

Benny Sommerfeld, Cantorial Student
at the Academy for the Jewish Religion,
and member of the Valley Beth Shalom Choir

My fourteen year old daughter, Jordyn, has been training with Rickie for six years. Over that time her vocal ability has blossomed! She has performed at family events and with Rickie’s tutelage gotten leads in two school musicals and three call backs at her first professional audition! My daughter and I will continue to “sing” Rickie’s praises.

Ahbra Schiff, Mom

I truly appreciate the work that Rickie does with Jessica, my nine year old. She teaches in such a positive, caring way. Jessica loves her voice lesson. Rickie has encouraged Jessica to reach her full potential in singing and most importantly, has helped her self esteem. I believe that this will help her in all aspects of her life. Thank you, Rickie.

Dana Wolf, Mom

I’m happy to give my endorsement for Rickie Gole. We were from out of town and were directed to her for vocal coaching from our manager. She worked us in right away and evaluated my daughter’s voice. From the beginning we felt comfortable with her style and suggestions. She encouraged my daughter to do things she had been told she ‘couldn’t do’ before and we were amazed with how far she grew in such a short time. Even though we are back home now, we do come out on occasion and always book an appointment with her. And the tapes we made while we were there are invaluable. Thanks Rickie for taking such good care of us!

Patricia Faust, Mom

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